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Jump Zone Party FAQ

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What are JUMP!ZONE’S Safety Rules?


Safe Active Play is our #1 PRIORITY

Jump!Zone Safety Rules
1. One at a time down the slides
2. Jumping AGE 2-12 ONLY
3. Adults may assist not jump or slide or play with small children under 4
4. Socks are required by healthcode at all time on inflatables. Anyone on an inflatable must have socks on.
5. Wait for the person at the bottom of the slide to EXIT slide before going down a slide
6. Feet First down slides
7. No Running/Fighting/Wrestling/Rough Play or Pushing/Screaming or excessive load noise
8. Stay on designated course of all inflatables
9. Parents are responsible for their children following safety rules.
10. Little people & Big people should not bounce at the same time together.
11. Adults can not go down slides with children(one at a time)
12. Elbows & Arms up when sliding down a slide to avoid vinyl burn. It is like a roller coaster ARM UP.
13. No Food , Candy, or Gum in the Inflatables
14. Refrain from using abusive or foul language.
15. No Jewelry or Belts to protect inflatables from rips or tears and choking hazards.(No watches, belts, necklace, bracelets, or hoop earrings)
16. No Sharp objects or Shoes or Toys of any kind on the inflatables(No keys, cell phones, tablets, casts or hard objects of any kind)
17. Eyewear (glasses) are not recommended as this is active play.
Please listen to Jump!Zone staff and follow additional safety rules as explained

Thank you for following our SAFETY RULES for your Safety and others!
No Admittance without a signed waiver
Jump!Zone reserves the right to terminate participation due to that participant unsafe behavior or conduct by not following safety rules above.
What are Jump!Zone's party costs and how far in advance should I book the party?


Please refer to our Party Planning section and familiarize yourself with our party options. If you do not find an option to suit your needs please call us so we can try to accommodate you..
You can check time and date availability on our website by clicking on RESERVATIONS. Friday, Saturday and Sunday party times fill up fast. To get the date and time you want, it is advisable to call 2 months in advance to reserve your party. However, we will always try to accommodate even the most immediate need with an available time slot.
How do I book a party and what is your cancellation policy?


You can make a party reservation on our website or you can call us to discux ss your needs at . We will help you choose the perfect party plan. We require that you pay a $100 deposit at the time of booking. The balance and any extras you purchase such as pizza, drinks, or goodie bags can be paid for the day of the party. We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or cash. No checks will be accepted.

When booking a party, a $100 dollar deposit is charged at the time of reservation. If you need to reschedule your party date and give us 2 weeks or more notice, there is no penalty. If you need to reschedule and give us less then 2 weeks notice, you lose your original deposit ($100). If you need to cancel your party, and do not wish to reschedule, and give us 10 days or more notice, you lose your original deposit ($100). If you need to cancel your party, and do not wish to reschedule, and give us less then 10 days notice, then you will be charged the full amount of your party. As always, we will strive to work with you on any cancellation. All deposits are non-refundable.


All party rooms are equipped with our 10 foot inflatable birthday party throne. If you have questions please call the reservation line at 708-978-1229 EXT. 3. This is a general email box and detailed message will be sent to a Party Coordinator and all calls will be returned within the next business day.
Can I bring my own food, drinks or decorations into Jump Zone?


Pizza orders need to be in the Wednesday before your party. PLACE YOUR PIZZA ORDERS VIA EMAIL TO MANAGER.MOKENA@JUMPZONEPARTY.COM. All pizza and drinks should be confirmed. All pizza comes from our vendor and no other outside food is permitted.Other than birthday cakes (scheduled parties only), outside food is not permitted. . What can you bring to your party?? - Birthday Cake or Cupcakes -Beverages (Juice Boxes & Water Bottles) -Snacks (Pretzels, Crackers and Chips- All store bought ONLY sealed, nothing with meat, no glass containers of any kind.) -Decorations for the room (Balloons, Themed Table Cloths & Napkins, Table Top Decorations, etc.) - PLEASE DO NOT TAPE OR PIN ANYTHING TO THE WALLS! All parties include plates, napkins, and forks NO REFRIGERATION AVAILABLE FOR CAKES
Will there be a staff member to help with the kids in the play area and in the party room?


Yes, there are play coordinators in the play arena to help supervise the safe play of the kids. We will also help you get settled in the party room which you will have access to the entire time of the party. For birthday parties the play coordinator will serve the children during the party If you need assistance during your party, please let us know and we will be happy to help. When the party is over, we do all the cleaning up for you.
What should the kids wear?


Socks are required. We suggest party Moms bring extra socks with them in case someone forgets to bring some. Long sleeves are recommended. Clothes with zippers or hooks (other then at the waist) are not allowed as they may scratch the inflatables. Nylon type pants make the kids go extra fast down the slides.
How early should everyone arrive prior to the party?


Everyone, including the party family, should arrive no more than 10 minutes before the scheduled party time. We need to collect waivers and review our safety rules with everyone before the party starts. Please do not arrive more then 10 minutes early because other parties will be in session.
Can Adults play on the inflatables?


Parents are asked to help ensure their children follow the safety rules on the inflatables.
Are the inflatables safe for babies?


NO. Babies under 2 years old should not be on the inflatables because it is not safe. Also, parents please closely monitor your young children while at Jump!Zone and make sure they are not on inflatables with older kids. We do have toddler toys for our youngest guests.
Who is allowed to enter Jump Zone? and Who is included in the party count?


Jump Zone is designed for children ages 2 to 12 years old. No child of any age is allowed to enter unless accompanied by an adult during open play sessions. You can drop off children for birthday parties with their invitation or waiver. No adults can enter unless they are with children unless we escort them to the party mom for safety.

Additional children for any party is $10 each. There is a maximum of 5 extra guests per party. Adults(18 and older), Parents & babies under age 2 are NOT included in total size. If you are booking a 15 kid party and you think you will have more then 15 adults and free babies combined, you should consider booking a 20 kid party to guarantee a large party room. No Admittance without a signed waiver
Additional Notes


If there is a power outage during your party, you will be refunded on a prorated basis in 15 minute increments. Inflatables are subject to change due to maintenance, rotation or replacement of other inflatables. We will always update and provide the most exciting inflatables around. PHONE RESERVATIONS ARE BASED ON LIMITED HOURS. ONLINE BOOKING AVAILABLE 24/7. DON'T WAIT FOR A PARTY COORDINATOR-BOOK ONLINE TODAY!!! If you have questions please call the reservation line at 708-978-1229 EXT. 3. This is a general email box and your detailed message will be sent to a Party Coordinator and all calls will be returned within the next business day Monday through Friday.
Please email or call us if you have additional questions. Our main goal is to make sure your party is safe and fun!!! Thank you for choosing us to be part of your celebration.