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Jump Zone Party FAQ

Jump!Zone Hillsborough

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What are Jump!Zone's Safety Rules?


One at a time down slides (parents cannot go down with child on lap)
Feet first only down slides
No bouncing at top of slides (just sit down and slide please)
Stay on the designated course of all inflatables
Little people and big people should not bounce at the same time (adults can sit in a bounce house to be near their children, but should not bounce at the same time children are bouncing)
When sliding don't drag your arms and elbows on the vinyl. Hold them up to avoid "rug burn". No fighting or wrestling or ball beaming
No gum in Jump!Zone
Please listen to Jump!Zone staff and follow additional safety rules as explained
Everyone must wear socks
Who is allowed to enter Jump!Zone?


Jump Zone is designed for children ages 2 to 12 years old.
No child of any age is allowed to enter unless accompanied by an adult.
How do I book a party and how far in advance should I book?


You can check time and date availability and make a party reservation on our website by clicking RESERVATIONS. Also feel free to call us if you still have questions after visiting the Party Planning Page.
We require that you pay a $100 plus tax ($107.00) deposit at the time of booking. The balance and any extras you purchase such as pizza or goodie bags can be paid for the day of the party. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or cash. No checks please.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday party times fill up fast. To get the date and time you want, it is advisable to call 2 months in advance to reserve your party. However, we will always try to accommodate even the most immediate need with an available time slot.
What is your cancellation policy?


When booking a party, a $107.00 deposit is charged at the time of reservation.
If you cancel 14 DAYS prior to your party date, your deposit will become credit at Jump!Zone which can be used within the next 12 months.

If you cancel with less than 14 DAYS before your scheduled party, you will lose the deposit. As always, we will strive to work with you on any cancellation.
Can I bring my own food, drinks or decorations into Jump!Zone?


No outside food other than the cake may be brought in.
Jump!Zone is able to offer pizza, pretzels, chips, ice cream and drinks and more for your party. Please ask for a Party Extras Menu. You can bring in your own plates and themed decorations; but, please do not bring a pinata, confetti or silly string and do not tape or tack anything on our party room walls.
Use of glitter, confetti, stickers or similar items in the party room will be subject to an extra $50 cleaning charge at Jump!Zone's discretion.
Will there be a staff member to help with the kids in the play area and in the party room?


Yes, there are coordinators in the play arena to help supervise the safe play of the kids.
We will also have a dedicated party host available to help you throughout your party. When the party is over, we do all the cleaning up for you.
What should the kids wear?


Socks are required. We suggest party parents bring extra socks with them in case someone forgets to bring some. Long sleeves are recommended. Clothes with zippers or hooks (other then at the waist) are not allowed as they may scratch the inflatables. Nylon type pants make the kids go extra fast down the slides.
How early should everyone arrive prior to the party?


Everyone, including the party family, should arrive no more than 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled party time. Please do not arrive more then 10 minutes early because other parties will be in session.
Can Parents play on the inflatables?


Parents are asked to help ensure their children follow the safety rules on the inflatables. Parents can help their children on the inflatables and can play on them as long as there are no children in their way and they don't go over the 200 pound weight limit. Our number one safety rule is "one at a time" and this means that Adults cannot hold children when going down slides. Everyone must go one at a time down the slides. No trains and no holding on laps or holding hands. Also, Parents are encouraged to help their children on the inflatables, but should not be bouncing at the same time. Only equal size people should bounce at the same time. Bigger people, including Adults, should always steer clear of little people. Parents who are on the inflatables must wear socks and need to remove belts, watches, or other sharp objects.
Are the inflatables safe for babies?


NO. Children under 2 years old should not be on the inflatables unless they are specified as a "toddler inflatable" because it is not safe. Also, parents please closely monitor your young children while at Jump!Zone and make sure they are not on inflatables with older kids. It is not safe for anyone to hold another person while going down slides and is against Jump!Zone's safety rules. We do have a toddler play section for our youngest guests and with toddler inflatables.
Is a deposit required to book a party?


Jump!Zone requires a $100 deposit on all party reservations before they are booked in our schedule. This can be paid by cash,check or credit card. The final amount is $107.00 which includes tax. The final balance on the party will be collected on the party day at the conclusion of the party.
Are tax and gratuities included in the party price?


New Jersey sales tax of 7% will be added onto all parties and extras purchased.
A 10% gratuity will be automatically added to your final bill. You are free to adjust this based on your satisfaction. All gratuities collected at the time of final payment will be distributed to your party host(s)
Please email or call us if you have additional questions. Our main goal is to make sure your party is safe and fun!!! Thank you for choosing us to be part of your celebration.