Frequently Asked Questions
Jump Zone Party FAQ

Jump!Zone Canton

Rt 44 Behind Mitchell Volkswagon | 15 Cheryl Drive | Canton CT 06019
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What are Jump!Zone's Safety Rules?


One at a time down slides (parents cannot go down with child on lap)
Feet first only down slides
No bouncing at top of slides (just sit down and slide please)
No climbing up the slides
Stay on the designated course of all inflatables
Little people and big people should not bounce at the same time (adults can sit in a bounce house to be near their children, but should not bounce at the same time children are bouncing)
When sliding don't drag your arms and elbows on the vinyl. Hold them up to avoid "rug burn".
No fighting or wrestling or ball beaming
No gum in Jump!Zone
No food or drink in the arena
Please follow the height and weight restrictions on the inflatables
No loose jewelry, sharp objects, watches,belts or clothes with hooks or zippers (except at the waist)
Open Play is for ages 3 to 12
Please listen to Jump!Zone staff and follow additional safety rules as explained
Jump Zone reserves the right to remove anyone that is not following the rules or listening to the staff.
What are Jump!Zone's party costs and options and how far in advance should I book the party?


Please refer to our Party Planning section to familiarize yourself with our party options. You can check date and time availability and book your party online at your convenience by clicking the Reservations tab. If you wish to speak to someone please feel free to call. Calls are returned all week long, but please keep in mind we are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays. Friday, Saturday and Sunday party times fill up fast. To get the date and time you want, it is advisable to book 2 months in advance to reserve your party. However, we will always try to accommodate even the most immediate need with an available time slot. Please remember that all parties and Open Play sessions are subject to a 10% CT. Entertainment tax.
How do I book a party?


You can make a party reservation on our website or you can call us to discuss your needs so we can help you choose the perfect party plan. We require that you pay a $100 deposit with a credit card, check or cash at the time of booking. The balance and any extras you purchase such as pizza or goodie bags can be paid for the day of the party. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or cash. Sorry no checks accepted for the final bill the day of the party.
What is your cancellation policy?


When booking a party, a $100 dollar deposit is charged at the time of reservation. If you cancel up to a month prior to your party date, your deposit will be refunded to you in full. If you cancel less than a month before your scheduled party, you can use your deposit towards a different party date but we will not refund your deposit. As always, we will strive to work with you on any cancellation. If the Jump! Zone deems it is necessary to close due to weather, or any other reason such as a power failure we will make every effort to reschedule your party at the next available time.
Can I bring my own food, drinks or decorations into Jump Zone?


The birthday cake, chips, candles, balloons and goodie bags are the only party items permitted to be brought into the Jump!Zone and only with a booked party. We sell juice boxes, water, pizza, sandwiches, bagels, veggie platters, fruit platters,chips, granola bars, ice cream, latex balloons, Mylar balloons and goodie bags. Please remember that when fruit and veggie platters are ordered they are purchased specifically for you. They may not be canceled within 72 hours of your party. The party rooms are already decorated so please refrain from taping items to walls or bringing silly string, pinatas or confetti.
Will a Jump!Zone staff member help supervise the kids and help me in the party room?


Yes, we will designate a staff member to help you get settled in the party area, set up the room, serve the food and clean up whatever remains. They are the "mother's helper" and are there to relieve stress by being readily available to help.
What should the kids wear?


Socks are required. If the child forgot the socks we have them for sale in the Jump!Zone. Long sleeves are recommended. Clothes with zippers or hooks (other then at the waist) are not allowed. They can scratch and possible rip an inflatable. Nylon type pants make the kids go extra fast down the slides. No shoes, belts, watches or jewelry on the inflatables. Clothing or any other items left behind will only be held for 30 days. After 30 days, items will be donated.
How early should everyone arrive prior to the party?


Everyone should arrive no more than 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled party time. We collect waivers and review our safety rules with everyone before the party starts. The waivers are available on this website. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your party reservation time. Your party room will be made available to you at the start of your party or shortly after.
Can Adults play on the inflatables?


We ask that the adults help their children follow the safety rules on the inflatables. Parents can play on the inflatables if they follow the weight limits on the inflatables(most are 200 lbs.) and make sure children are not too close. Our most important safety rule is "one at a time." This includes both adults and children. Do not hold a child on your lap and please do not hold hands. Any adult should be sure that they do not jump or play on an inflatable when there are small children at play. Kids and adults are strongly advised against jumping together. That can put a child at significant risk of injury. Parents on the inflatables must wear socks and remove belts, watches,jewelry or other sharp objects.
Are the inflatables safe for babies?


NO. It is not safe for babies younger than 3 to be on the larger inflatable we do have two that are safe for 2 year old and crawlers at mother's discretion. Parents please closely monitor your young children at all times. We have a toddler play area in the Jump Room in the lounge area. Many parents relax on the couches, able to see both an older child and the toddler from the same position.
Who is allowed to enter Jump Zone?


Jump!Zone Party & Play Center is primarily designed for children between the ages of 3 and 12. We have a fenced off toddler zone for the little ones, providing them with a myriad of age-appropriate toys. Parents must remain with the child at all times. If a child over the age of 12 wants to have a party at Jump Zone, we will be happy to book it at the end of night. Jump!Zone is free for children younger than 3 and for parents. All children entering the Jump!Zone must be accompanied by an adult. No drop off please. All adults entering the Jump!Zone must either be accompanying a child or have a legitimate reason to be in the facility. If not, they will immediately be removed from the premises.

Please remember that no pets can be brought into Jump Zone!
Should I tip my party host?


Tipping is not required, however, if your party host did a good job and was helpful to you, please feel free to tip them. You may tip them directly with cash or you can charge it to your credit card and we will be sure to get the tip to your party host.
Please email or call us if you have additional questions. Our main goal is to make sure your party is safe and fun!!! Thank you for choosing us to be part of your celebration.